I learned today that the author of this post, Sir Mal, passed away on Oct. 7th. His wife, who did not know of his blog until after his passing, shared the news with his followers and has since spent hours reading his thoughts.
Sir Mal and I exchanged several texts after following one another here on WordPress. He reached out to me during an incredibly dark time, when I was trying to make my way through an abusive and scary relationship. He questioned my reasoning and challenged me to break free from the toxic elements of my life.
I hadn’t read his posts or spoken to him in well over a year. After hearing the sad news, I went back through his blog and found this entry, published only days before he left this earth. I don’t know how he died, but I can say for certain now, he has the answers. And he inspired me to find mine in my own way.
I’ve given his post a lot of thought. Asking myself the questions he dared ask and for me, the answers are clear and they do not scare me. My purpose is love. I fear it being taken from me or not returned at all. It is only then that I truly suffer.
For some, the game itself, causes great suffering.

I hope that Sir Mal has found peace. I will remember him fondly. ❤


This post might take some thinking, some reflective thought. I hope that it does.

We’ve all done it. Played along to get along. The game of life, all that crap you do every day so that you can rush around in some strange place for a week or two, burning through all your savings, so that you can tell everyone what a wonderful time you had while you weren’t doing all that crap you do every day.



a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.
synonyms:    pastime, diversion, entertainment, amusement, distraction, divertissement, recreation, sport, activity


We don’t always realize it. Graduate from school not sure what we’re going to do and the next thing you  know you are caught up in trying to pay your bills and meet the requirements of being human. Eat, sleep, fornicate…

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